Wise System Monitor

Wise System Monitor 1.53

Wise System Monitor gives you integrated information about your system

Wise System Monitor gives you integrated information about your system, such as running processes and hardware components. The application is very easy to use. It has a main window with tabs labeled Process Monitor, Hardware Monitor, and Operating System. Thus, opening the tabs you can access to the corresponding detailed information.

Frankly speaking, the Process Monitor is too similar to Windows Task Manager, as it shows a list of all the processes that are currently active along with their use of CPU and memory. It also allows you to kill a given process; however, this isn’t very clear from the interface, and you can only do it with a secondary mouse click. The Hardware Monitor, in turn, allows retrieving information about hardware components. In this regard, one of the most valuable data provided is hard disk and CPU temperature. Finally, the Operating System tab shows info about the Windows version running.

Besides the main interface described above, there’s a very convenient floating window that shows current upload and download flows, RAM usage as well CPU usage and temperature. A click on any of these data quickly provides you with expanded information about that specific area.

All in all, Wise System Monitor has the advantage of being a small program with very little memory footprint, which means that it can be kept running without interfering with computer performance. One big limitation is that it’s limited to showing information while it allows doing very little about the problems encountered. Just to mention an example, it would be good if the program could trigger some kind of alarm or action when your computer overheats.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • It is easy to use
  • It has a nice and clean interface
  • It is a small application with very little memory footprint


  • It allows doing very little about the problems
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